Why do I need a Reality Check?

Done all the courses? Seen all the coaches? 

Want a better work life balance? 

Does your business needing some tough love & strategy? 

Motivated by honesty and integrity, this is holistic business coaching for people who are ready for change.

With clients worldwide from individuals to companies, I’ve helped entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, trade workers, musicians, authors, sales consultants and regular people stuck in cycles of creative blockage, negative mindsets, grief and low self-worth.

Favourite subjects include…

  • Holistic marketing & business development
  • Branding, logos & artwork
  • Bios/taglines/and your elevator spiel
  • Website and social media overhaul/tactics
  • Career paradigm shifts and work/life balance
  • Creating documents, packages and processes
  • How to make more $ from artistic pursuits
  • Effective marketing done with a smart phone
  • How to be more authentic online
  • Time management and dedication to dreams
  • Creative blocks and inspiration methods
  • Self esteem and selling yourself with humility
  • Goal setting and then actually doing.
  • Networking and reaching new demographics and a whole lot more…..  

   Want more details? Here’s Phase 1  

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