What Will We Fix First?

One of Reality Check’s major strengths is our ability to effectively target multiple areas of your business at once, as we have a whole team of experts at hand to solve all your particular concerns.

So why just focus on a single area of business when you can level up in everything?

If we hit numerous problems over the head from the beginning, rather than just one at a time, things become MUCH better MUCH faster. This is what a holistic business coach does.

On starting, some of the first issues we can tackle are…

  • Holistic marketing & business development
  • Branding, logos & artwork
  • Bios/taglines/and your elevator spiel
  • Website and social media overhaul/tactics
  • Career paradigm shifts and work/life balance
  • Creating documents, packages and processes
  • How to make more $ from artistic pursuits
  • Effective marketing done with a smartphone
  • How to be more authentic online
  • Time management and dedication to dreams
  • Creative blocks and inspiration methods
  • Self esteem and selling yourself with humility
  • Goal setting and then actually doing.
  • Networking and reaching new demographics
  • Recruitment & Interviewing
  • Space Clearing & Activation (Home or Office)
  • Copywriting & Brand Enhancement
  • Improving Emotional Processing, Relationships & Communication

During the process of initially levelling your business up in all the above areas, there’s lots of communication, lots of positive affirmation, and lots of post-planning tasks and homework aimed at helping your thrive.

Like anything worthwhile, if you want it you’ll have to work for it, but success awaits.

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“Bo Kitty has the right amount of passion and grit. She not only kicks your ass forward, she somehow manages to change your inner operating system.”

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