Lily Fagioli 

Reality Check has become the secondary armour I need to level up professionally and I am so grateful!

I’m not a business owner, but I am on my career path as secondary school Teacher and have a lot of competing demands on my time and work/life balance.

Reality Check supported my job application process by shifting me from procrastination to completion of my 8 page CV with Key Selection Criteria (2 years ago) and more recently moving from provisional to full registration with a 6 week, 100 page inquiry process. Both of which with absolute success!

The how comes in a tailored program, specific to my needs at the time. This includes (but not limited to) working out the structure, timeframe, purpose and goals. Then actioning and execution follows naturally, with guided support for success.

Bo’s genuine love of helping people to rise up and bring their passion into the forefront is second to none.

There’s plenty more I could say but if you’re ready and you want some extra backing to help you gain momentum and reach success, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks again Reality Check, keep working your magic!

Until next time…

Lily Fagioli



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