Having my first session was like finding a beacon alight in the dark seas and being pulled aboard to safety. Upon first meeting, Bo instantaneously contained and grounded everything that had been swimming around in my head for such a long time. Bo has such a unique quality in being able to impart real knowledge, wisdom, action, passion and an uncanny intuition in equal measures to get the results that are specific to you, your creativity and your business.

Bo’s Reality Check sessions have encouraged me to make the personal changes necessary to have the confidence in setting up my own business. Bo’s knowledge which she tailors to your needs, are vast and practical in a way that it allows you to move forward and get the job done. Her eye for detail and action, whether it be practical, methodical or organic is such a joy to work with. With Bo in my corner, I know I can achieve all my dreams and aspirations. I feel incredibly grateful after the conclusion of each session.

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