When you finally admit that you need help… What to do with my business.. I had hit a plateau… I was still going great but I knew I had dropped the ball so to speak, I had no idea how to move forward and I knew I was stuck.  I needed help but I didn’t want to talk to just anyone about my little entrepreneur business, my little business that I put my heart and soul into my little business that I could see was in need of a shake up… because that’s who I AM, I’m a mover, a shaker, a god damn business maker that never settles..  I needed to RIZE..

Enter Bo Kitty from Reality Check!  I knew Bo from my old Melbourne party days!!  Bo helps you and your business with FANTASTIC strategies to reach your goals and keeps it real at the same time!  After my hour with her yesterday I feel so motivated and inspired  – I literally cried because I finally had some direction back and it wasn’t just for my short term goals it was for long term too.. Bo, you are seriously incredible at what you do and I urge anyone in business who was feeling like me to contact her.. she is worth it.

I am so excited about what’s coming next for me and my business… BRING IT ON!

Jodi Barre Yoga

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