Jessie-Lee Mills

Bo strikes the perfect balance between helpful, open, honest and direct communication and laughing like you’re connecting with an old friend.

I found that every step of the way she was able to understand what I needed to do, and what I was personally capable of. She speaks your language, and has a very keen intellect and knowledge of most industries due to her extensive work and life experience.

Not only was I impressed and delighted, I was able to focus on the important tasks at hand and she gave me the direction I needed to get started.

As someone who struggles being able to focus and prioritise tasks, after my session with Bo I felt motivated, excited, and had the clarity I needed to get the work done.

I highly recommend her advice and services to anyone from any background or industry. I guarantee she will be able to change your life and boost your business.

Jessie-lee from Floramilia

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