Jeanne Reynolds

Bo Kitty is exactly what her business moniker states. A swift Reality Check! I asked Bo to come on board to assist me in a new role I was seeking with my national television network. I am a through and through creative, it flows from me like my breath. The issue with that is, I can go on forever about my ideas and creative inclinations. This means my proposals are often wordy and give too much away.

Bo stripped my ideas right back to the bone, helped me to understand how to protect my ideas in a copywrite sense and present them so I was not giving everything away on paper. She also delivered the tough task of telling me that my favourite idea wasn’t my best one and that it was going to be too difficult to execute in the beginning.

It was hard to receive that information but she was completely right. I landed the role with the ideas that she suggested and I’m now working on my first video for the network. I am so glad I didn’t go into the interview with my proposal before I’d sat down with Bo. She was completely right about everything.

Bo just knows what works and what doesn’t. It’s visceral and in her gut, it’s a gift and a knack that she just has. Bo was literally born for this work. If you are a creative that needs help grounding an idea, help with a pitch or the evolution of a multi-tiered business – she is the go to for deep, efficient and sometimes hard to swallow truth – exactly what you need to be successful. So what are you waiting for? Check yo self before you wreck yo self.

Jeanne Reynolds
Creator (and now TV presenter!)

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