I have always had a lot of irons in the fire, yet always struggled to determine which ones were the hottest, or hot at all. I have trouble focusing and prioritising, which is where Bo has helped me more than I could have ever imagined. I had my first session with her in early May. It’s now barely July and I have already started recording 5 new songs for a new EP (for context; my last release was over 4 years ago). I’ve contacted my old drop zone to get reacquainted with my skydiving family (I lost my nerve after a bad landing in 2016, and have been merely fantasizing about it ever since). I’ve even received advice from friends in the book industry to help guide the writing of my first book! 

None of these things would have kicked off so quickly without Bo’s help. She’s a master at sorting through both your skills and your goals to find a practical, achievable timeline for what you truly want. She’s friendly, organised, is a fantastic listener, and tells the truth!

Whether you’ve got a business, want to change careers, or just want to level up a particular skillset, Bo’s the woman to see! If you’re looking for a rock solid foundation to live your best life, she can help you build it. 

Bradlee Jay

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