Cryptocurrency for Noobs

So you want to get into the crypto market? YAY!

When you buy a cryptocurrency, you are investing in the inevitable future. But you need to know the who, what, where so you don’t succumb to the myriad of scams out there. I’ll break it down in simple language and teach you how to buy and hold your own coins and sell them again to withdraw to your bank account – all from your phone!

Decentralization of finance (defi) means taking our money and thus the power back from the banks, with peer to peer payments digitally from phone to phone! This system runs on the ‘blockchain’ which is a permanent ledger of transactions. Each coin on the blockchain provides a solution or a “use case” for doing things in the digital world.

I believe this is a movement and a resistance as well as the future of money. I believe I’m on the way to making ‘life changing money’ by researching and intuitively responding, instead of watching hundreds of hours of YouTube videos or tracking charts in my underwear all day. 

Investing is all about mindset and knowing your risk profile. We ‘only put in what we are willing to lose’ and invest as part of a diversified portfolio that fits with you and your goals.

I want to help you diversify income streams and reach financial abundance whatever that means to you! But you need to have skin in the game. I will teach you how to get set up on a reliable Australian trading app and buy your first cryptos. We will discuss risk and a whole bunch of other things in simple language to get you started. THIS is how we change the world. Let’s begin together!

Please choose a session time at least a week in the future – because you will have some homework to do before we begin. You will go through a few steps on your own to get all the apps in place, and then we meet and begin your crypto journey!

Ready to get serious? Let's get started...

Please book more than 1 week in the future.

“I recently had a session with Bo to help me get started into the crypto market. It didn’t matter to me that Bo isn’t a financial advisor, because what I was looking for was pragmatic guidance from someone that holds themselves with integrity. A person I can trust to coach me through the first awkward moments of learning something new. And it’s exactly what she delivered! You know when you just need good solid life advice and coaching with no bullshit? I walked away from Bo’s session feeling inspired, confident and excited! I got so much out of it I booked in for a follow up session to keep me on track and build on a no nonsense strategy. Now I’ve got myself an investment portfolio I’m proud of with diversified assets and the confidence to take control of my finances. ” – Chloe 

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