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Do you need a pep talk, think tank or business development powwow? Got an issue that needs discussion and resolution NOW? Want an injection of ideas, optimism and enthusiasm that will leave you feeling ready to tackle the world? Freaking out about what move to make next and need answers TODAY? Or maybe you’re looking to take the next step towards a full business reality check….

I offer introductory hour long phone coaching sessions for those who want help right now, are time or money poor, and aren’t sure if Phase 1 Reality Check is right for them.

All you have to do is purchase a slot and book a time on the calendar that suits you. Then get ready for a no holds barred, fast paced intuitive question and answer session that will leave you levelled up and with tasks to complete!

Here’s a testimonial from a recent ‘Call Me Now’ session

“Today I had a ‘Call Me Now Reality Check’ session with Bo Kitty. I’ve been interested and toying with the idea of working with her for a while.

I can’t highly recommend her enough. She has a unique gift of listening carefully and empathetically sifting through all of your language, spoken and inferred, to get into the crux of the matter. Lots of people listen just so they have the opportunity to talk, not so with Bo. She listens with the intent of really finding out who you really are and which direction would serve you best. She’s not only empathetic and a good listener but she’s quick. You can almost feel her synapsis’ jumping around and before you’ve finished your sentence, she’s intuitively come up with amazing ideas, that are in tune with who you are.

I’ve come away with homework and a list of incredible ideas that I feel are actually do-able and applicable. She’s warm, smart and kick-arse. I got so much out of the conversation. If you’re thinking about having a ‘phone me now reality check’ session, I would recommend that you go for it. It’s a worthwhile investment. Thanks Bo.”

and another one here ….

“100% would absolutely recommend. Bo’s practical, no bulls**t approach to solving problems and making efficient meaningful plans for the future helped me so much today. She easily converted my mountain of crippling stress into a valley of untapped excitement in under an hour. The future looks brighter through Bo tinted lenses. Everyone should give her a call at least once!”

just one more...

“Bo's anstract thinking and understanding of the crisis and the predicaments we now face as independently run small businesses has helped me rethink and strategise in a way that I didn't think possible over a half hour phone call. Bo's understanding of the impacts on small businesses has helped me immensely. From a feeling of anxiety and worry-fullness to empowerment and action all before midday. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

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