Business Boot Camp

Do you need an expert working IN your business ON your business? Is there an increasing level of complacency in your workplace that needs a serious shake up? Do you require more accountability and better systems for both you and your staff?

This package involves high-level holistic business development and marketing strategy for companies and business — all taking place onsite. 

We work mostly with businesses in Melbourne Australia that have a brick and mortar location and a minimum of 3-4 staff. Minimum engagement is 4 days over a month, 1 day a week; with Reality Check coming onboard with you to grow, scale, and leverage every aspect of your enterprise.

How does it work?

The Business Boot Camp begins with a Phase 1 Reality Check to get an overview of your current status, goals and challenges. During this process we will identify specific ‘problem’ areas and processes within the business, so as to ascertain the correct course of action to improve every aspect. 

Following this initial phase, we’ll require you to introduce us to your team, onsite, so that we can all collaborate on making changes together.

While inside your work environment we’ll temporarily require yours and your team’s full attention and transparency, so that we can thoroughly assess your entire business; from client engagement, to systems and online efficiency, to social media strategy and HR.

After being immersed inside your business for this short time, observing everything we can, it’s then that we begin implementing integral changes — all fitting alongside your current budget, cash flow and workload, without disrupting day to day operations; and done as fast and painlessly as possible. 

Extra services we can provide — once goals are identified and implemented — are project management, space activation, interviewing potential staff members (recruited from our extensive network). These extra services have various prices depending on the client and scope. TALK TO US about what you need!

We can also incorporate the extended Reality Check team to provide any extra expert skills that we identify are needed, such as accounting, web development, graphic design, advertising, social media, copywriting and brand enhancement. 

Our listed package is monthly: $800 per 6 hour day, minimum 1 day per week for a month, $3,200 per month.

Ready to go all in? Let's get serious...

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