2 Hour Deep Dive

Need more time to explore something that’s happening? Not everything can be fast tracked, and sometimes we need time to go slower, to really find out what has brought you to Reality Check and which things we need to work out and on, before we can find clarity and resolution.

This session is for those who have more to cover than a one hour ‘call me now’ or ‘follow up’ session, and can be booked at the start of our working together, or anytime.

There is no pre requisite work to do, just turn up with a notebook and pen, and an open mind/heart, and we will go deep on all the things that need to be addressed.
Also, Bo Kitty is a qualified search and rescue wreck diving mermaid, who has been to the bottom of the Blue hole in Belize, so you are in good hands.

Let’s breathe slowly together and take a deep dive into what’s happening for you so you can surface to the light 🙂

Take the next step, lock in a session

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