Reality Check is Highly Effective, and We Actually Care

Nothing even remotely like your average course or ‘get rich quick’ scheme, our hands-on marketing and coaching methods work, and we take a vested interest in your livelihood. 

I’m guessing you’ve done a few courses, or maybe even laid out serious money for ‘gurus’ and self-proclaimed experts who profess that they can miraculously turn your life or business around in a short period of time by investing in their scheme, app or next-level insight?

I’m sorry to say it (and you’ve probably found out the hard way), but 9 out of 10 of these people just aren’t legitimate, they are completely unproven, and most care nothing about you, your livelihood, or the inner workings of your business, life and creative processes. They just care about your dollars going into their account.

Reality Check has never been just a dollar-centric outfit. Our holistic, corporate and executive business coaching service is personal, heartfelt, and hands-on in Melbourne Australia. We take a heavily vested interest in seeing you thrive.

Quite simply, our unique, holistic and task-oriented approach works. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty, we get solid results, and we have dozens and dozens of SATISFIED CLIENTS to prove it.

If you think we can work together, let’s talk. You can get in touch HERE

“I would recommend Reality Check to any arts organisation needing a quick and responsive external review and insightful, positive and up-to-date ideas.”

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