Personalised Pep Talk


A video message made for you that’s quick, direct and gives you a mindset shift and dose of optimism within 24 hours.

Please write 2-3 paragraphs about what’s happening for you right now.. you can ask a question to have answered, explain what feels tricky or what you want clarity on. Please try to write from the heart, the more honest you are, the more relevant the Pep Talk will be.

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Get Unstuck Today with a Personalised Pep Talk!

Are you facing a challenging moment in your life right now and need a fresh perspective? Are you longing for a dose of optimism and candid advice from an industry leader? Or perhaps, you simply need confirmation that you’re on the right path and a new way to approach your situation?

Meet Bo Kitty, your go-to professional coach with over a decade of experience in helping people break free from feeling stuck. Bo is renowned for her compassionate yet straight-shooting approach, delivering pep talks that empower you to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.

A Catalyst for Change for Everyone

Bo Kitty isn’t just your average coach; she’s a catalyst for change. Her clientele spans a wide spectrum, from creative minds to accountants, and even parents struggling to balance work and life. Bo has a unique ability to connect with all kinds of people, making her the perfect guide to help you navigate your challenges and emerge stronger than ever.

Affordable Motivation for Today’s Realities

Let’s face it, the cost of living can be a burden, especially right now! Bo believes in answering the needs of her community, you don’t need to break the bank to find motivation and excitement in your life! Here’s a pocket-friendly solution to infuse positivity into your current situation.

Dip Your Toes with a Pep Talk

Curious about what Bo at Reality Check can do for you? You can now experience her wisdom and guidance with a quick Pep Talk, without committing to a longer session. It’s your chance to get a taste of Bo’s transformative insights before diving into deeper consultations like “Call Me Now” or “Phase 1 Reality Check.”

How It Works: A Personalized Pep Talk

Purchase Your Pep Talk: Book a Pep Talk right now with the button on the right.

Share Your Story: You’ll be directed to write a few paragraphs about your current situation and why you’re seeking a pep talk. This initial step is crucial, as it helps you clarify your thoughts and needs.

Your Personal Pep Talk: Bo Kitty will personally craft a Pep Talk video tailored just for you. With her intuitive nature, she not only reads your words but also senses what lies between the lines, understanding precisely what you need to hear at that moment.

Quick Turnaround: Bo is known for her rapid responses. Expect to receive your personalized video message within hours, but please allow up to 24 hours for her insightful message to land in your inbox. (could be sleeping or busy!)

Straight to Your Phone: Your Pep Talk will be delivered as a video message of up to 5 minutes, sent directly to your WhatsApp. Bo’s words will be based on the paragraphs you’ve shared, so be as honest as possible to ensure an authentic and meaningful connection.

Don’t let life’s tricky moments hold you back any longer. Get motivated and inspired with Bo Kitty’s personalized Pep Talk, and discover the strength and clarity you need to take on whatever life throws your way.

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