Follow Up Sessions


For those who have completed Phase 1 Reality Check at some point in the last year, a follow up session to make a new strategy list for achieving the same goals, or to reassess goals in light of new growth or information.

This is how to keep ensuring you are on-track, and doing the best things to keep your eyes on the prize.

Maybe you have lost creative juice momentarily and need to remember what’s amazing about what you are doing?

Perhaps you want to develop new products, or put systems in place, or hire people?

Or potentially your business and life are just at a crossroads, and you need some external reflection and help with defining the next steps towards awesome. Nothing is taboo, so feel free to give me the whole picture.

These are all great reasons for a follow up, I promise to bring all of my enthusiasm and nous to every single session. Can’t wait!

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A typical fast-paced inquiry and discovery follow up that results in a new action plan and homework, and updates your situation and dreams for a new timeline and motivation injection.

Upon paying a deposit and booking a time that works, you are welcome to send me an email beforehand outlining developments or what you would like specifically discussed.

These can be booked monthly, sporadically, or weekly, depending on your needs.

Please understand that if over a year has elapsed between your Phase 1 and follow-up, we need to begin the research and inquiry process of Phase 1 again because so much has changed.

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