Festival Work & Contractor Checks




For those who are solid within their business but need help securing more gigs for more money and being valued by employers.

For those who need to get better at negotiating, payment terms and covering their arses when doing contract work!

Do you have a full calendar of events but not enough budget to make them worthwhile?

Is invoicing a nightmare?

It’s frustrating that so many hard working contractors struggle to get paid what they are worth in the creative industries.

I can critique your emails and proposals, do pre negotiation pep talks, assist with post-offer replies, and encourage you to value yourself more, as well as most importantly – stand your ground with honesty and integrity when having these conversations.

In short : You cannot be OUT OF POCKET to go work for someone else. I don’t care how fun or glamorous it is, it’s just not sustainable. End of story. 

NO MORE HIPPY HANDSHAKE DEALS! Day rates in place, signed contract, expenses paid and solid fees you don’t budge from, that’s the aim.

Personally I have said no to half as many jobs as I’ve said yes to lately. The result is – better offers rolling in! I got an offer for a two week contract, and negotiated it down to one week – FOR MORE MONEY with a twenty minute phone call. I can help you do this too.

It feels GREAT to say ‘No thanks’ to a less-than wage that you are not respected for.

This session is for contractors, to help you learn to negotiate more effectively, know when to get on the phone, write succinct emails, and learn the approach needed to get the results you want. MORE money for LESS time. That’s the mantra!

The investment is $200 for a process that involves reading over your proposal/emails, and a 15 minute phone call as well as advice as to how to proceed to get the best deal. If you need me to edit your proposals after this point I am a professional copy writer and charge my time for this at $60 per hour. This means that whether you take the contract or not, you aren’t out of pocket much and you learn to do it better for next time 🙂

How it works

  1. Decide you are worth more than what you are being paid, and decide that you are ready to level up your work even if it means saying no to the wrong jobs so that the right jobs can come in!
  1. Write dot points about your work/contract and the job/offer/event, put lots of info in but keep it succinct please! Include your proposal, project details and your wage as well.
  1. Deposit $200 and send me a receipt, plus the info outlined above in one email along with your phone number, and I’ll text you to work out the best time to call for our chat so that you can respond in a timely manner! and GET THE GIG!
  1. I’ll call you for a 15 minute chat in the couple of days after receiving the information from you, as time is often of the essence – about your contract/work and back it up with an email with dot points about what you need to do next to get the rates and jobs you want!

For big picture business development and strategy you might want to book in for a Phase 1 Reality Check after that point.

Get in touch today!

Email : hello@checkyoself.com.au