3 Month Level Up


For those who are ready for a dramatic level up, not just with their business or creative pursuits but in all areas of life.

You’ll have accountability and an ongoing relationship with your cheerleader and butt kicker which means real change can be activated.

With three months of action lists tailored for you, your personality and the other things in life that must be prioritised, you will get a lot done!

There is support and a team of professionals with many decades of experience waiting to help you. I will cheer you on and with honesty and integrity we will reach the goals or find more relevant goals.

The only thing missing is your determination to do whatever it takes to LEVEL UP.

Let’s begin..





  • Reality Check Phase 1 – Intensive process of questions, research on my part, and an in-person fast paced strategy session to set an action plan that we agree on to reach your goals. More info here about Phase 1
  • A deck of the Power Up cards, to keep your motivated and excited about your choices and to keep you on track during the 3 months and beyond.
  • Also – You can send me an email in between each session to update me on your progress, I’ll keep an eye on your socials and give you tips on content and engagement.
  • A month later – An hour long in person or on Skype strategy session to re assess your goals, track your progress and re adjust any targets or goals we set.
  • Then a month later – A final strategy session, to track progress, set a new action plan and really aim for the big picture dreams.
  • In addition – During this time you will have access to my team of professionals to outsource any areas of your business or changes that you may need help with.


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