If you are unsure what Reality Checks are please read “What Is A Reality Check?”.

I am constantly learning about the best ways to inspire bravery in others with transparency, whilst still retaining my own professional integrity and intellectual property. I am not a licensed health care provider and do not engage in patient diagnosis or the practice of medicine. I am also not a counsellor or therapist, nor attempt to fill the role of these people. I bring an open mind, nurturing heart and solid business acumen to every discussion. All advice during Reality Check sessions is given with good intention and without judgment. If brutal honesty and/or the occasional swear word offends you, sorry in advance. Any decisions you make and the consequences thereof are your own. Basically results are not guaranteed, unless you are!

Yes. Leaving paid employment can be frightening and exciting in equal measures..but the day you do is the first day of the rest of your life. Many of my clients have drastically changed their working lives for the better after a Reality Check. However any changes we make, are done realistically and with a view to long term sustainability.

Totally. I can help you work out what’s important to you, how to make that a product or service, and how we can translate that into money in the bank. and I’ll be honest about whether it is feasible, both financially and for you and your life. That’s one of my specialities!

Holistic marketing strategy and campaigns, revenue development, process streamlining, solid tactics to reach wider audiences, social media training on your smart phone, networking and project management plus a whole lot more. I have a team of experts who can help to execute your plan. Not to mention exploring inner processes like ‘the crap we tell ourselves’ and blocks around doing things we know we want to do, which is truly the work worth doing. So many things. If you are stuck in any way, or reached a plateau in your business, I can help.

In short, yes. I have extensive networks of people who I have worked with and trust to deliver good work. From graphic and web design to conversion rates to carpentry! When you engage me to help you get a Reality Check, my network becomes your network. I mean it.

Yes. As long as the people involved are involved in the same project or working on the same business.

No subject is too hard or too messy to discuss, however I will not attempt to replace the role of a professional counsellor, doctor or therapist. I may decide that we can only work together if you have other supports in place if I feel that is necessary.

If you have never had a session with me before then the first step is booking in a call me now session to get started!

If you have already had a call me now session then you can skip straight to booking in a Phase 1 Reality Check.

All sessions require the full amount paid upfront at the time of booking by Stripe (credit card), PayPal or bank deposit, and cancellations or changes to session times must be within 24 hours of booking time, or deposit will be forfeited. Your deposit secures your appointment. Please also return the completed intake form at least 48 hours before your appointment time. These are indicators of your willingness to get started and get serious about levelling up. Commit!

Every client relationship begins with one Reality Check session, so we can ascertain what your goals are and where you are in the process of achieving them. After that, I offer varying levels of ongoing support for highly motivated individuals or small businesses. Check out the offerings here for more info.

Standard sessions are held at my office in Reservoir, or on Skype. However, I am available for in studio or on premises sessions for Business Boot Camp or Physical Space Reality Checks, or for coaching your staff onsite if necessary. 

YES! I love both teaching and public speaking. I’m available for onsite training, group Reality Checks and guest talks about any topic, or an injection of awesome rally-the-troops pep talk using the Power Up Deck as a tool for changing the paradigm. Sound interesting?
Get in touch for more info.

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