I'm Bo Kitty...

Founder of Reality Check, and radically honest business development and empowerment coach.

I'm also a writer, photographer, and renegade social media broadcaster who runs music festivals.

Here are some things I have learned along the way...

  • You can’t achieve dreams without a plan.
  • Good relationships are your best asset.
  • Word of mouth is imperative to business growth.
  • People who are creative strive to define what they do clearly to themselves and others.
  • Successful businesses endeavor to present themselves well online and in the real world.
  • Emotional blocks and life setbacks are often the biggest barriers to personal and professional success.
  • In the shifting paradigm of the workforce, people who have multiple streams of income are flourishing more than those reliant on being an 'employee' of one company or industry.
  • It's easier to achieve goals when someone else is keeping you accountable.
  • Personal change only happens when you are ready for it.

Anything is possible.

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