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How It All Works

Welcome! My name is Bo. I’m a holistic business coach, and I’m also the founder of Reality Check. I’m really looking forward to getting together with you to talk about your life and business.

When it comes to unlocking people’s full potential, I have amassed quite a unique skillset, but my first weapon of choice in the battle for better living, higher efficiency and increased creativity is simply giving people constructive, unbiased truth – hence the phrase ‘Reality Check’ becoming the name of my company.


My truths are never to harm, and only aimed at helping you thrive. Dynamic positivity and planning galore with a hands-on approach, that’s what I’m all about, and that’s what myself and Reality Check’s assorted team of technical and creative masterminds bring to your table. 


So, if you want to know more about how truth combined with a whole lot of love, solid planning and dynamic action can dramatically help you level up on everything important in your life, plus everything else we offer, keep reading…

Creativity and Efficiency on Low? How About Some Truth?

I understand that realising self-truths is sometimes tough, but it’s a big part of moving forward in life and business, and is essential for growth. 


As honest as you probably are, sometimes hard-to-see truths stay hidden because you’ve become caught up, stressed, or just too busy to consider possible change. 

Maybe you’ve even stopped believing in yourself or your business altogether? Maybe you’ve become complacent, thinking things like: I was never meant for great things anyway, right?

Now, as a consequence, you are seeing no upward movement when things should be skyrocketing. You are just coasting along, with your full potential not even coming close to being realised.

In times like this it’s ESSENTIAL that reach out and get a second, practiced set of eyes on your prize. If you don’t, you’ll stay in the same place, or maybe even start to go backwards. No one wants that. 

So take a deep breath, realise that help is at hand, and that you no longer have to potter along on your own. It’s assured that getting someone, like me, constructively involved in your endeavor can truly open your eyes to a much more efficient, creative and lucrative way of doing things. 

We just need to start talking, and soon, as this will be your first big step towards starting positive change. 

Once we do start talking, I’ll ask heaps of friendly questions, and we’ll get honest with each other. To do what I do (be a holistic business coach), and do it exceptionally well, we’ll need to get to the heart of the truth first. Then the truly good stuff will assuredly follow.

So, if you genuinely want to move onwards and upwards, and truly need positive change, you CAN and WILL be able to handle these truths we uncover together, and the beautiful advice and magnificent plan that will manifest as a result of all this new truth — it’s going to take you places, trust me. 

If you want to get started, LET’S TALK. If you want to know more, keep reading…

Reality Check is Highly Effective, and We Actually Care

Nothing even remotely like your average course or ‘get rich quick’ scheme, our hands-on marketing and coaching methods work, and we take a vested interest in your livelihood. 

I’m guessing you’ve done a few courses, or maybe even laid out serious money for ‘gurus’ and self-proclaimed experts who profess that they can miraculously turn your life or business around in a short period of time by investing in their scheme, app or next-level insight?

I’m sorry to say it (and you’ve probably found out the hard way), but 9 out of 10 of these people just aren’t legitimate, they are completely unproven, and most care nothing about you, your livelihood, or the inner workings of your business, life and creative processes. They just care about your dollars going into their account.

Reality Check has never been just a dollar-centric outfit. Our holistic business coaching service is personal, heartfelt, and hands-on. We take a heavily vested interest in seeing you thrive.

Quite simply, our unique, holistic and task-oriented approach works. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty, we get solid results, and we have dozens and dozens of SATISFIED CLIENTS to prove it. 

If you think we can work together, let’s talk. You can get in touch HERE

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What Will We Fix First?

One of Reality Check’s major strengths is our ability to effectively target multiple areas at once, as we have a whole team of experts at hand to solve all your particular concerns.


So why just focus on a single area when you can level up in everything?

If we hit numerous problems over the head from the beginning, rather than just one at a time, things become MUCH better MUCH faster. This is what a holistic business coach does.


On starting, some of the first issues we can tackle are…

  • Holistic marketing & business development
  • Branding, logos & artwork
  • Bios/taglines/and your elevator spiel
  • Website and social media overhaul/tactics
  • Career paradigm shifts and work/life balance
  • Creating documents, packages and processes
  • How to make more $ from artistic pursuits
  • Effective marketing done with a smartphone
  • How to be more authentic online
  • Time management and dedication to dreams
  • Creative blocks and inspiration methods
  • Self esteem and selling yourself with humility
  • Goal setting and then actually doing.
  • Networking and reaching new demographics
  • Recruitment & Interviewing
  • Space Clearing & Activation (Home or Office)
  • Copywriting & Brand Enhancement
  • Improving Emotional Processing, Relationships & Communication

During the process of initially levelling you up in all the above areas, there’s lots of communication, lots of positive affirmation, and lots of post-planning tasks and homework aimed at helping your thrive. 

Like anything worthwhile, if you want it you’ll have to work for it, but success awaits. 

Want to get started? Click HERE, or watch the vid below to learn more about our process, then keep reading…

Ok, Reality Check is for Me. What Next? 

It all starts with a free phone call. First up, we really just need to talk.

No obligations, no hard-hitting sales pitches or clever cornering. 

I want to hear what you have to say, and then, if you’ll let me, I’d love to help you out. 

Some beautiful advice with a magnificent plan is only a call away. 

So if you are ready to trigger change, free up you life, and activate whole new streams of income, efficiency and creativity—what are you waiting for? Let’s talk!

(You get what we call a 20 minute ‘Activation Session’ on the phone with me, and it’s going to be the start of something great!)